Monday, January 30, 2012

{ brand love }

Amazing paper quilling by artist Julia Brodskaya

Racing through Monaco. Image from this Tumblr 

'Beneath the Parisian Sky' campaign 

I'd die for this Hermes bathroom by Jonathon Adler. Look at that wall hanging. Image from here

Pony tail chic via my Pinterest

Classic vignette from Savvy Home

To cycle in style. Image via encore a minute 

I love love everything about Hermes - they have a knack for staying fresh and vibrant and keep you wanting for more; whilst remaining one of the true artisanal fashion houses still left in the world. Of course their pieces and collections epitomise understated style; but have you ever noticed that wherever that telltale orange or the little horse and cart motif pop up - whatever it is - just hits the mark, too? Here are just a few things from my 'Hermes' file which I find to be a never-ending source of inspiration. Have a great Monday. 

Pip xx

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