Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{ lose yourself in maps }

Mapped wall - a great feature in a kitchen or family space. Image from Elle Decor

Globes and more globes. Via Pinterest.

For the distinguished..... large scale and sepia tones. Via A Piece of Toast

Kitsch but cute. Via Notes on Design 

This would be my pick... perfectly aged and hung on rods, as featured by my clever friend Alex from AP Design House

Part of a special little treasure map I made myself.

Old to new, real to styled, sepia-toned to brightly-coloured or the best kind - those for treasure - maps are something I have always had a fascination with. The illustrator in me can't ever get enough of the precision and detail; the painter in me loves the soft and disciplined use of colour to mark their territories; and then the dreamer in me just loves the thoughts of travel, discovery and wonderment that every kind of map seems to conjure. For children and adults alike, maps are mesmerising.

'Prodotti Tradizionali Italiani' & detail of'Prodotti Tradizionali Italiani'  - by Antione Corbineau 

I'm also loving these limited edition prints by Parisian artist Antoine Corbineau mapping the food & wine regions of Italy in his colourful and playful style.  I'd just love to get my hands on one or two of these.... and of course I'd then have to put it to good use, drinking and eating my way through the Italian countryside. Any excuse will do!

Hope you're having a great week.

Pip xx

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kelly@refresheddesigns. said...

I so love maps and these are great examples. Just found your blog through the Gild and Grace blogroll. I'm now a follower!